A mindful, transformational community and travel destination where sustainability, wellness, adventure, innovation, entrepeneurship, learning and social impact create a purpose driven sustainable lifestyle

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Sustainability + Social Impact

Social Impact

At LoopLand, we are not spectators of a community but rather we are part of the heritage and ecology to save the planet. While you’re with us, we invite you to immerse yourself and become a part of the transformation.


At LoopLand we strive to put your health and well-being at the very center of your travel experience. Guests in our facilities can enjoy fresh picked fruits, vegetables and seasonal menus that offer farm to table items grown on site or at local sustainable farms…



LoopLand stretches over 500 acres of land, covering 2 miles of waterfront, as well as being surrounded by a nature preserve, providing our guests with the unique opportunity of having both the mountains and the beach at their disposal.


As part of our social responsibility and innovation programs, all of our hotel rooms and villas will be completely off the grid via creating our own energy from the installation of solar panels and our own micro grid.

Innovation + Learning + Entrepreneurship
Immersive + Digital Entertainment World

Entertainment World

Here at Loopland, we are part of this revolution, with new and emerging technology for gamers and augmented virtual reality. Inside our community, one of our pods will be dedicated to this emerging market, with facilities and technological tools to enhance…

Safe for our
Families (SAFETY!)

We care about the experience of every single guest and family member that walks through our doors, our sole purpose being your health and safety.

Safe for our Families (SAFETY!)

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